Security Camera Registration

It is the mission of the Vienna Police Department to ensure the protection and safety of the citizens within our community. The Vienna Police Department strives to provide excellent service to reduce the overall crime rate and to build trust throughout the community. When crimes occur, law enforcement officers work diligently and utilize every resource available to resolve cases for the victims. There are many types of crimes that law enforcement officers can resolve by obtaining video surveillance footage from area residents. Due to the time sensitive nature of video surveillance footage, it is also imperative that law enforcement officers obtain the surveillance video in a timely manner. During the investigation of various crimes, law enforcement officers spend a great amount of time canvassing neighborhoods in search of eyewitnesses or video surveillance systems. To expedite this process, we are asking Vienna residents to complete the Security Camera Registration form so that law enforcement officers can save valuable time when attempting to locate video surveillance systems from any given area within the city limits of Vienna.  

The data collected for these purposes will be only used by law enforcement during the investigation of criminal matters.

Please click the link below to fill out the form with information about the security camera you are registering.

Security Camera Registration Form