Significant Trees in Vienna

Measurements were done May of 2014. Thanks to Turner Sharp for his help with obtaining measurements.

Definition of Terms

  • Native species, found naturally growing in West Virginia.
  • Introduced species are from other areas of North America.
  • Exotic species are introduced from other continents.
    • Some Introduced and Exotic species have become naturalized in West Virginia ,i.e. they have reproducing populations
  • Circumference at breast heightis recorded in inches.
    • Breast height is defined as 4.5 feet above mid slope of soil line. If the circumference cannot be taken at the standard height, then the non standard height above mid slope will be indicated in this column. If the tree has a fused multi-stem bole (tree trunk), it will also be indicated.
  • Height is measured in feet and is the vertical distance between two horizontal planes signifying the distance between where the bole(tree trunk) intersects the ground at mid slope and the highest twig. All heights were determined by the Sine Method using a handheld laser rangefinder and clinometer.
  • Crown spread is measured in feet. It is the average of two measurements. One measurement is the widest horizontal distance of the crown. The second measurement is made at right angles to the first.